Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Tail coat jackets

So this is what has kept me busy...

I had a massive order from RaDiance Dance Academy. In total I made 14 tail coat jackets (size 3-14), 6 harem pants and 3 leotards. 

It took me a little while to make the leotards properly but I feel pretty confident now in making leotards/swimming suits. Perhaps when it is time for swim suit season again I will make my niece a suit and do a tutorial.

The harem pants were quite easy to make following this tutorial. The one thing to look out for is making the ankles too narrow. 

The real challenge was, if you havent guess it yet, the tail coat jackets!

I looked everywhere to find a pattern but unfortunately there were none for little kids. There was one but it was very very complex and this was a costume order (and I was not charging enough to make a super complex jacket).

In light of this I resolved to making my own patterns. This was a long process but really didn't turn out too badly. Once I have converted the files pdf form I will require some pattern testers - anyone? 

And that is the quick of it. The collars turned out fine after the first 5 or so and it didn't take long before I had figured out how to sew it all without any external seams. 

I am very grateful for the paid work and the experience but boy am I glad to see them gone. My sewing room and overlocker still have a lot of black left from this workout.

**If you plan on making your own tailcoat jacket and want some advice or anything at all please comment below and I will reply. 

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