Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Fight the hungry undies!


Since my 2.5 year old niece has been solely in undies for a while now her mother (my sister) and I have noticed that wedgies seem to be a pretty regular occurrence. 

Exhibit A

Now these aren't cheap undies, just regular store bought ones.

After seeing a blog post on the So Zo blog about some awesome undies she saw in berlin like these:

They looked so cute and colourful and VERY comfy. So I felt inspired to replicate something similar for little S. I have ordered some organic australian made jersey to use for the front and back piece and will use some 4-way-stretch interlock for around the hips and legs that will them feel more like comfy yoga pants then tight undies. 

Here is my first attempt at self drafted undies.

Very cute and according to S, very comfy. Clearly as here she is not wearing anything else! The best bonus though, no wedgies!

I will leave you with this final comparison. 

Tutorial for self drafting kids undies coming soon... As soon as I finish classes for the semester. 

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