Monday, 11 November 2013

Tutorial coming soon I promise!

Just a quick update today...

I have been very busy with picking up more hours at work and finishing my degree. I have one more exam to go on Wednesday and then I will spend Thursday madly sewing a bunch orders to post out Friday (I will try to remember to take photos to share with you). 

As promised the 'draft your kids underwear pattern' tutorial is coming up - probably next week as there won't be enough time until then.

I will leave you with these pictures for now though... 


  1. What lovely colours! Hooray for comfy undies!

  2. Thank you - I would love to find a brighter purple but I think these work well together. Every bum needs comfy undies :) After the Christmas madness I will be putting up a tutorial on drafting/making your own with an additional option of how to make them training pants if you are interested.