Sunday, 27 July 2014

LOL Swing Top pattern tester tour day 1

I was so excited to be chosen to pattern test the LOL Swing Top by Jenn from A Jennuine Life  and then thrilled again to have the opportunity to participate in the pattern tour.

My favourite part about the LOL Swing Top is that it has so much SWING! Honestly, getting my niece Sofia to try things is a pretty difficult task most days. This particular top though was a hit and appealed to the wild dancer in her. She only wore it long enough for a few photos though as it is currently Winter here in Australia and is freezing.

Despite all of the faces she actually was enjoying herself with these photos. This top is gorgeous - options to be sewn in either knit or woven with a button to fasten above the shoulder. I sewed up the knit version as appealing to comfort is also important when coaxing a 3 year old into wearing something.

 One of the very cool details in the top is the back - the armholes scoop down low just below the shoulder blade. It looks very cute and gives a really nice polished finish.

You can see here that I just used a zig zag stitch - my machine really does not like using a double needle. The thread and fabric are both a very light aqua colour - the fabric is called Bubblegum Gelato and is a luxurious organic jersey.

These photos really are proof at what a fun top it is - I cannot wait for the weather to warm up here as I will definitely make more of these for her! Easily a great staple for any Summer wardrobe. Go get yours HERE.

Thanks for reading! For those wondering, here is an updated photo of Sofia's little baby sister (now over 3 months old!! Where does time go).

Follow the other great bloggers along the tour by checking out the blogs before OR check out Jennuine Design every day :)

Friday, 18 July 2014

My First Grainline Archer top

I have been meaning to sew up an Archer button up for months and months! I honestly was looking for an alternative pattern for a while because I didn't like how baggy and unfitted it looked on some bloggers. Turns out I did not have to worry  as the size I sewed up (6 for bust down to a 2 in hips) was not baggy at all. My first attempt was not at all perfect and there are plenty of changes I will be making for my second and third (already cut out ready to sew).

Even though to my hip measurements I am a 0 in my next copy I will grade the hips as a 6 as these really hugged tight in my hips in an unflattering way. I think the 6 for the bust was right BUT I get major boob gape so the button placement really needs to be reshuffled. I also don't really like how the last button ends up being so close to the bottom - There needs to be the same length beneath the button as there is between each button I think.

I read lot of bloggers wanted their arms to be shorter as they were too long - I had the opposite problem! These are a 1-2cm too short through the arms so I have added extra length for 2 and 3. I do like lots of the details though like the view A sleeve cuffs, the pleat in the back, the back yoke. I found sewing it up really easy following the sew along.

Is it a quick sew? No. 
Is it a fun challenge? Yes.

There is just something satisfying in sewing something you would otherwise need to buy and would cost $50-$150. 

The fabric I used is a beautiful, soft, barely wrinkly, perfect Chambray Tencel in Red from Imagine Gnats Shop.

Pattern is the Archer Button up by Grainline Studios

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Imagine Gnats JUBA SHORTS!

I was so excited when Rachael of Imagine Gnats said I could test her new Juba Shorts pattern. For those who do not know Rachael, you really should check out her blog and instagram. She rocks the coolest blue hair and is beyond lovely and very funny (Plus she has lots of gnats dogs and cats).
 Okay now onto the pattern. It is a flat front elastic in the back basic adult shorts pattern. The pattern includes options for a draw string as well - I made mine plain though. These would be really easy to customise with pockets, belt loops, cuffs etc. 
Honestly the pattern was so EASY. Like really properly easy to put together and to sew. I would definitely recommend it as a solid staple. Great for loungewear, pajamas *as pictured below in a long version*, even with some altering for work. I envision making some in a black linen or a chambray with pockets, belt loops and cuffs and wearing them to work in the Summer!
Go get your copy today here and check out some other examples by following the hashtag #jubashorts on instagram.