Sunday, 25 August 2013

Photographing Twins

This is a carry on from my last post, photographing kids for Morningstar Designs new summer range. 

I found photographing 3-year-old twin girls to be very cute but also complete madness. 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Today I did a photo shoot for my new range of harem shorts.

I have some fun outtakes to share with you, shooting photos of a 2 year old boy certainly is funny!

So at first he wanted to show me his book. So we looked at Thomas the Tank Engine for a while.

Then photos were only cool if he had his truck.

And the camera became really really interesting.

This is his photo:(Not bad for a first try ;)

And of course everything was very interesting to check out.

Including being near me, the cutie.

And running at me from the wall. Such a happy boy.

Incidentally this is him driving a car across the wall, turned out to be a great shot of the back!

Thanks for reading. I had lots of fun photographing this little 2 year old (we share the same birthday, so he is going to be very cool). 

Come back tomorrow to see how I go photographing 3 year old twins!

Monday, 19 August 2013

How to sew flat front shorts


As promised... A flat front shorts tutorial!

Now this tutorial is not my own but it is just too great not to use. You know what they say, why re-invent the wheel. 

Check the great tutorial out HERE.

Dana from danamadeit also has an awesome basic shorts pattern for sale for only $6. Definitely worth checking out for anyone wanting to sew shorts for their kids. 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Tutorial coming soon!

These are the new shorts I am stocking in my shop Morningstar Designs. I will be making a tutorial soon to show you how to turn any regular pants pattern into flat fronted, pocketed and with a lace trim. Please check back soon. 

To purchase your own pair check out our facebook page here.

Some photo updates:

My little niece Sofia, looking too grown up.

My beautiful big Sister Mel.

 My other wonderful little niece.

Some blue dresses.

Some great big orange polka dots.

Flowers from my love.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Hello Wonderful people,

I have been distant lately as I have done the following: Moved house, started a new job, started a second new job, gone back to uni and sewed more then my weight in kids clothes (slight exaggeration).

Here are some pictures from a recent holiday to Singleton to visit my wife's bestie.

Some pictures from the move.

My favourite custom orders of last month.

 Thanks for stopping by! I will give an update soon.