Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Today I did a photo shoot for my new range of harem shorts.

I have some fun outtakes to share with you, shooting photos of a 2 year old boy certainly is funny!

So at first he wanted to show me his book. So we looked at Thomas the Tank Engine for a while.

Then photos were only cool if he had his truck.

And the camera became really really interesting.

This is his photo:(Not bad for a first try ;)

And of course everything was very interesting to check out.

Including being near me, the cutie.

And running at me from the wall. Such a happy boy.

Incidentally this is him driving a car across the wall, turned out to be a great shot of the back!

Thanks for reading. I had lots of fun photographing this little 2 year old (we share the same birthday, so he is going to be very cool). 

Come back tomorrow to see how I go photographing 3 year old twins!

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