Friday, 18 July 2014

My First Grainline Archer top

I have been meaning to sew up an Archer button up for months and months! I honestly was looking for an alternative pattern for a while because I didn't like how baggy and unfitted it looked on some bloggers. Turns out I did not have to worry  as the size I sewed up (6 for bust down to a 2 in hips) was not baggy at all. My first attempt was not at all perfect and there are plenty of changes I will be making for my second and third (already cut out ready to sew).

Even though to my hip measurements I am a 0 in my next copy I will grade the hips as a 6 as these really hugged tight in my hips in an unflattering way. I think the 6 for the bust was right BUT I get major boob gape so the button placement really needs to be reshuffled. I also don't really like how the last button ends up being so close to the bottom - There needs to be the same length beneath the button as there is between each button I think.

I read lot of bloggers wanted their arms to be shorter as they were too long - I had the opposite problem! These are a 1-2cm too short through the arms so I have added extra length for 2 and 3. I do like lots of the details though like the view A sleeve cuffs, the pleat in the back, the back yoke. I found sewing it up really easy following the sew along.

Is it a quick sew? No. 
Is it a fun challenge? Yes.

There is just something satisfying in sewing something you would otherwise need to buy and would cost $50-$150. 

The fabric I used is a beautiful, soft, barely wrinkly, perfect Chambray Tencel in Red from Imagine Gnats Shop.

Pattern is the Archer Button up by Grainline Studios

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