Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sewing my way through 'Love at First Stitch' - The Lilou Dress

love at first stitch

Welcome to my version of the Lilou Dress. I have so far made 2 - one in green and one in pink. These are very quick to sew and reasonable comfortable. The bodice pattern has a total of 6 darts. 

love at first stitch

I made an alternate skirt - I just gathered up whatever fabric I had so that I could use the existing selvage on the fabric. 

I had to tweak this pattern quite a bit and still have more that needs doing. I took a lot out of the back bodice at a dramatic angle. The back darts don't sit as nicely as I would like and the front darts make me look a little like Madonna - but all in all with some alterations it is a fine dress for day wear and for work. I even can get away with wearing it bra-less as it is fully lined.

love at first stitch

Monday, 6 October 2014

Sewing my way through 'Love at First Stitch' - The Clemence Skirt

love at first stitchlove at first stitch

For my Birthday this year I got a copy of Tilly and Buttons 'Love at First Stitch' (Available here). I have since decided to sew up a whole lot of work clothes for Summer from its provided patterns. I started with the Clemence Skirt, basically the book just tells you how to make the pattern. Very simple stuff and is identical to a skirt I made myself when I first started machine sewing nearly 2 years ago. 
You have your simple waistband (waist measurement + seam allowance), skirt length + desired width.... For me that is usually however much fabric I happen to have left. Sew it all together and add in a zipper and done. 
love at first stitch

 For my second version I tested out the provided pocket pattern and love it. I made awesome in seam pockets. It really takes it from a 20 minute project to a 40 minute project BUT sometimes you just gotta put a bit of extra work into a garment you are going to wear a lot. My goal is to be a less lazy sewist.
love at first stitch

 And... I need pockets!

Check back later on for my versions of other Love at First Stitch patterns.

Friday, 3 October 2014

September Holidays

 The holidays started with a visit from family from Darwin and the Philippines. After we picked them up at the airport at 5am we all headed off to the Sunshine Coast to spend a few days soaking up the sun.

We got to meet Ren and Amber's newest addition, Mahayla.  

 We went fishing (Moneth and I caught 3 each)
 It was good to just hang around with adults, kids and puppies alike. 
 Close up of Mahayla

 Count the kids! Sometimes it was a very full house...

Then Moneth took off on a big adventure, a study tour to Seoul. 

 Needless to say, Geo has been keeping me company... As best he an.

 But he often doesn't reply. 

 I mixed things up a bit and decided to see actual people by going to Underwater World with a big chunk of my family. There was my sister, her 2 girls, Dad, Anna and Grandma.

 Sofia got pretty tired out. 
 Well we all did. 
Ah ah ah jub jub jub. That is what is happening here. 

I have also done an amazing amount of sewing which I will blog over the next little while. Thanks for reading and holding on through so many photos.