Saturday, 25 January 2014

Baby Sleep sack/sleeping bag tutorial

The last baby born into my family was my niece nearly 3 years ago. Now her new little brother or sister (we won't know till they enter the world) is due in 6-9 weeks. Everyone is very excited and I really wanted to make some nice things that will be useful for baby.

(Sofia 5 days old)

This tutorial and making this in one evening was really brought on by the fact that I wanted to do some embroidery...

But anyway on with the tutorial!!

To begin find a sleepsuit or long sleeve onesie that fits your baby and fold it in half to draft your pattern like this:

You should end up with a shape like this:

You will either need a layer of fleece or quilting batting to make it warm enough for winter. I used cotton quilting batting between my two layers that show.

Proceed to cut out a front piece in the main and lining (quilting batting too if using) before cutting out the back piece. The back piece will need to be higher in the neckline and have the straps approx 2" longer. Cut out the back pieces the same way as the front (main, lining and optional quilting batting).

Sew main to main and lining to lining as shown below. I pinned the batting to the back of the main fabric when I sewed this and it worked. Leave a gap at the bottom to attach the zipper for easy changing.

To sew the straps, arms and neck fold the main and lining in to face each other like this:

To finish sew in zipper, buttons and buttonholes (snaps are fine too).

Then, finished!

Some shots of my embroidery detail on front:

Quick instructions

Fabric used:
Cotton quilting batting
Quilting weight Winnie the Pooh cotton on main
Flannel for lining

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