Tuesday, 10 September 2013


I have been very busy of late with photoshoots as you know.

Here are some outtakes.

This one is a classy behind the scenes shot, me trying to take the photos while 20 people are hanging around behind me trying to make the baby smile. It worked... Kind of.

A sure fire way to get a smile though is to get all 4 older siblings in on the fun. 

If in doubt, blow raspberries on your model.

Havana, the gangster baby. 

Once she got the harem pants on she became a mover and a shaker. A great sign that they are very comfy.

But that was only one shoot I did that day, here are photos from another.

We had lots of fun, and if you follow us on Instagram (@morningstardesigns) you would have seen the rock star video we made together.

Join me soon for a tutorial on making harem shorts for any age from measurements alone.

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