Thursday, 17 April 2014

My Philippines adventure

 I have just returned home from time in the Philippines. My partner and I travelled for over 20 hours to get to there and in that time we stopped over at Changi Airport, Singapore. There was lots to do and we had a nice time (even though we were beyond sore and tired). We also got $80 in free Changi Vouchers - Thank you Changi!

First view of the Philippines

 How to start a coconut tree. 

 Another travelling washi top.

 5 of us fit onto/into this to ride cross country up a mountain. My most authentic Philippines experience.

 After this cutie got over the fact I was white, I was not so scary. 

 There are no blue skies in the Philippines. 

 Jeepneys are everywhere.

 We visited Hundred Islands.

 And found Nemo. 

 This puppy came everywhere with us.

 Ocean Adventure, Subic

 Incredible African Acrobats.

Fishy seal kisses. 

 On our way home we stopped at Changi in Singapore again and got fish spas. 

The only thing more beautiful then watching the sun set from an airplane is watching the moon and the stars from above the clouds. 

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  1. I loved looking at the holiday snaps!! I have finally found you at Morningstar Designs!!! You are one talented soul!!! Flora xx
    PS made the coconut shell and chocolate tart tonight! It was beyond good.