Sunday, 7 September 2014

Waterslides, bungee runs and dress ups = the coolest wedding ever.

 This wedding was honestly the coolest, most unique wedding I have ever been too. 

There was so amazing live music including Mark Lowndes and the Fergies.

Hula Hooping for everyone - this one was massive and I may have been playing with it for too long because today my ribs are bruised!!

This craft tent was fantastic, jewellery ready made you could choose from OR hang in the shade and make something of your own. 

 The kids got to enjoy a full day of jumping caste while the adults battled on the 'Bungee Run.'

Did I mention this was a dress up wedding? 

Moneth and I dressed up as Robin Hood and 'Merry Man' or variations of Peter Pan  and lost boys... You decide. I made the costume as a simple A-Line construction, basic placket with a half dozen buttons and a variation collar/collar stand from the Archer. 

There was so many cute spots to sit and eat. 

I seem to have lost the photos of the other cool things... I will have to add them later! But there were also gorgeous woven baskets hanging from trees with snacks in them, a very long and very cool water slide set up down a hill and giant mushrooms. 

On the blog later this week: My Clemence Skirt (I am working my way through my Birthday gift of the book 'Love at First Stitch')

Bye for now!

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